Tenant Policies

Cancellation Policy

7 days before lease start date, 75 % deduction of the total amount paid, includes Security Deposit and Advance Rent.

Minimum 30 days notice period to be given by guest by mailing to escalations support@popcornstay.com

Cancellation here refers to all those bookings.

100% Security Deposit forfeit if we don't receive at least 30 days of notice.

No mid month check outs allowed strictly.

Less than 7 days before lease start date or immediate cancel after check-in, Stay less than 30 days. 100% deduction of total amount paid. Includes Security Deposit with Advance Rent.

100% Rent forfeit if yearly pattern.

Where guest wants to cancel before move in / Lease start Date

Booking Policy

Acedemic year will be considered from 1st June to 31st of May.

In case of bed-level bookings, allocation of room shall be at the discretion of PopcornStay. Popcornstay reserves the right to shift guests with bed-level bookings to other rooms at any time in the same property in case spaces are available.

We don't like to put penalties on our beloved tenants! Do remember to make advance rental payments by 5th of every month to avoid any penalties.

If You're a Student You will have to pay just 10000 security deposit and total rent before we confirm the booking ofpopcornstay life space and make it comfortable for you. As simple as it gets!

No compliments for you and us. Strict rental cycles of 1st to the last day of month.

KYC is important for everyone's security. You will have to pay just Rs. 500/- for a smooth KYC process. This will be deducted from security deposit at the time of check-out.

Markets evolve, costs modify and so many our rents. However, we do assure you of our best possible and affordable prices throughout.

We don't like to put penalties. In case of delay in rental payments, penalty of Rs. 300/day will be charged till 11th of every month. Mandatory eviction will come into effect on 12th day with 100% forfeit of security deposit.

You will have to pay just 1-month security deposit and 1- month rent before we confirm the booking of popcornstaylife space and make it comfortable for you. As simple as it gets!

House Policy

As residents are expected to abide by the local law of land. Residents should not use Popcorn Stay premises for any commercial activity.

Let the community flourish and make awesome memories.

As cliche as it gets, love your home to get the love back. We make sure it loves you more.

Your guests are welcome like our own! For your convenience, we would take their IDs and keep updated records. We consider you responsible to make sure your guests Follow all house rules.

Services Policy

Our 24*7 focuses on resolving your in-stay issues, ensuring a quicker resolution every time.

Electricity charges will be levied extra.

Our CCTVs and secured premises enable you to keep a watch on your belongings. However, take care of your own belongings. We are not responsible for any theft.

Just focus on enjoying your stay with us while we worry for all major repair and maintenance work at your property, also do remember that over maintenance will be charged extra.

A meal is something which should not be standardized. So, we leave it to you. Meals are not included in the rent. Fair and Square!

Checkout Policy

Mid month exits are extremely painful. We consider the property yours for the whole month. Full month rent will have to be paid even in case of mid month / yearly check-out .

In case of insufficient notice, adjustments will be made from security deposit. 100% forfeit of security deposit in case notice period is less than 30 days.

After giving notice, extension of stay post check-out date would be subject to availability.

In case you do want to exit the property, we would need a minimum 30-day notice to prepare ourselves to facilitate your smooth exit. Please communicate your Exit notice via e-mail at support@popcornstay.com and get acknowledgment .

Finally, we request you to exit accommodation, leaving it well maintained for young professionals like yourself after you, so that they too can enjoy the property and lifestyle like you did and make some good memories along the way.

As safe as your security deposit is with us, it takes us minimum 15 days to refund it in case of exits.

We would never want you to leave us. Think Again!

Sole On-boarding Policy

Just breath! You took sometime setting into your first classroom, first school, first beer and first relationship! Now, take a deep breath and give us some time to make everything perfect while you settle in at your best life experience so far!

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